Harcus Sinclair are ethically rotten solicitors with bad moral values and no integrity at all

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These solicitors are ethically rotten and tried hurting my friend Free Spirit. I know what they did to him and they should never be allowed to get away with it.

They are liars and frauds. They kept annoying him and tried to rip him off 10000 pound. They helped a bad business who ripped everyone off and bullied people into being quiet. They are disrespectful and rude.

They do not listen to what people say. They are enemies of free speech and try to make people tell lies. They have no morals and are very bad solicitors. They tell lies and cheat.

They lied to the judge. They cannot be trusted.

They are bad people. Big thumbs down.

Reason of review: liars.

Harcus Sinclair Billed for GBP 1 Million in damages to the work of a Spiritual Master

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I can share that the matter is of yet unresolved with Harcus Sinclair.

The core of the dispute was when I was threatened by them with harm and loss (including jail) if I did not agree to tell lies to Pissed Consumer in December 2015 with regard to taking down truthful reports in relation to a case that bears all the hallmarks of a SLAPP.

The truth is that by law I have Qualified Privilege to make statements that are in the public interest, to warn others of harm or danger, in self defence and to make fair and honest criticism about public officials (including solicitors).

I was also harassed by them on multiple occasions to remove Pissed Consumer reviews.

Harcus Sinclair also caused to be published into the public domain statements that I demanded GBP 1 Million as a price to be quiet.

That is not what the demand for money was intended for and the attached image shows clearly what the bill is for - namely for consultation in matters of ethics and integrity in business dealings and for damage done to my work - as well as for:-

Failings in Truth and Integrity, Dishonesty, Misrepresentation, improper Service, Abuse of Self-represented Litigants, Violations of SRA Rules, Causing Financial Loss to a Spiritual Master and unlawful Interference in Freedom of Expression

Spiritual Master Free Spirit requires this firm: To pay compensation of one million pounds sterling to settle claims for damages to his work.

Penalty: £1,000,000

Date: 01/08/2016

Product or Service Mentioned: Harcus Sinclair Legal Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Slapp behaviour, Suppression of free speech.

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Threatened with Jail by Edward Parkes OF Harcus Sinclair

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Update by user Jan 01, 2016

The matter with Edward Parkes is in the process of being resolved.

It has been explained to Mr Parkes why his behaviour is morally unacceptable and offensive - and why I would not accept anyone violating the sacred sanctuary of my - or my partners space.

Mr Parkes has been the cause of much upset to my partner which I will no longer tolerate. Of course, he is also involved in the unethical interests of an unethical company which is the more serious matter.

Mr Parkes has been told about the importance of being truthful and honest in business and legal dealings.

He is being looked into by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for potential concerns around subornation of perjury.

As with any bully - whether working as a stand-alone or upon instruction by another - the way to deal with it is firmly yet fairly - to expose the behaviour, to forgive oneself for attracting it and to firmly reaffirm ones sovereignty.

Edward Parkes now knows that interfering with the work and wellbeing of a Spiritual Master is apt to cause unpleasantness and dispute, simply because that which is not ethical and pure becomes manifest for healing. The postings about Mr Parkes here will be removed by myself in due course as an act of goodwill - now that Mr Parkes appears to have learned his lesson.

Original review posted by user Dec 26, 2015

Edward Parkes is a lawyer who works for Harcus Sinclair in London, an unethical law firm who represents an unethical company named Power Places Tours Inc (USA).

I say unethical for the first duty of any lawyer or law firm is to the Truth (and to the Court). Self-interest is second. In my experience, Harcus Sinclair have turned a blind eye to ethics in favour of helping their client Power Places Tours to get away with some very serious abuses of consumers and whistleblowers.

A lawyer or law firm that turns a blind eye to ethics abuses - is by definition unethical and on the wrong side of morality.

I am Free Spirit - and I am the authority on matters of ethics. Mr Parkes has 'been a party' to assisting Power Places Tours, a company who regularly and mercilessly sues customers who speak up (after being ripped off or threatened by them).

Even worse, Mr Parkes has assisted Power Places Tours to try and falsely frame me for blackmail and extortion as well as signing off lies and gross distortions of truth in a UK High Court Filing. In addition, Mr Parkes is associated with a barrister called David Hirst who has been most abusive and threatening toward me (and who has also violated several ethical codes with regard to civil litigation).

I say 'threats' in my review title as Mr Parkes has threatened me with serious consequences (including an application for costs, freezing orders and substantial damages) if I do not commit the act of perjury in a notary office.

Mr Parkes knew that taking on the case was wrong and that there were some very serious ethical and moral contentions about it, given that Power Places Tours have been implicated by many other people in serious wrongdoing. Mr Parkes was told on many occasions privately about the ethical concerns as well as the reality of 'karma' but instead chose to ignore that in favour of his own self-interest.

He ignored his duty to the Truth in order to assist his client, and was willing to pursue a case, knowing that Power Places Tours were unethical and knowing that to pursue the case stood to cause a gross miscarriage of justice and to violate the most cherished values of truth, common decency, respect and integrity.

When a lawyer threatens to cause ME serious damage, financial or otherwise - and lends a helping hand to those who abuse customers and steal from them (through deceptive surcharge or other means) - something must be done.

It is for this reason Mr Edward Parkes and Harcus Sinclair are exposed for 'lending a helping hand' to the interests of unethical companies who wish to silence whistleblowers and others who have serious concerns.

I was threatened with jail in an email on Christmas eve if I did not cooperate with Edwards requests, which included a coercive demand to put GBP 10,000 into a Harcus Sinclair account. Of course, I refused.

Reason of review: contempt for truth and integrity.

I didn't like: Intimidation and threats, Harassment, Threats to imprison, Behaviour that may be coercion or extortion, Dishonesty and contempt toward truth and integrity.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1195449

i saw some of the paper work in the case and Edward Parkes of Harcus Sinclair did do what free spirit says he did. I was showed information that Edward Parkes ordered him to take down an internet posting on xmas eve within 48 hr.

He had to contact the webmaster and have the page taken down.

However, the site had no working contact form, was hosted on an anonymous server, and Edward expected the posting to be removed during the days of 25th and 26th december. Which of course is impossible. Nevertheless, Edward implied he would be jailed if he did not remove the posting.

Edward was also the one who drafted such an order, and thus drafted it with the intention to a) imprison someone without just cause and b) to knowingly support abusive process. If that is not enough, he ordered Free Spirit to pay 10000 pound to Harcus Sinclair, with a demand date 11 months prior to the order. This was presumably done to place Free Spirit in automatic contempt even before he received the demand.

Of course this is a big ouch for Harcus Sinclair, for it makes them parties to subversion. They are probably thinking to themselves that free spirit is not such a big deal and they are too big to fall.

However, history shows that in David and Goliath cases, Goliaths are usually brought down by Davids. I suspect their free spirit problem will cost them fortunes in lost clientele, and rightly so.

Except in this instance free spirit is no david, but rather of God.

So really, it is a battle between Goliath and God, an alien God, if one is to take on board what Free Spirit says about him on his site: keystospiritualascension.com/mission-statement/ if there is even the remotest chance who he says he is, and his work is convincing, the God in free spirit will simply annihilate and crush Harcus Sinclair with the undiluted power of God ! so yeah, free spirit is immune from suit


True Spiritual Realization requires a most profound ordeal of transcending one's ego, and a Spiritual Master who, once "hired" for the job, won't let you off the hook.

It is going to hurt!

No doubt about it.

But if we are smart, and remain clear in our higher purpose of Spiritual Realization (and in our understanding of how that purpose necessarily entails transcendence of self), we keep it a struggle with self, rather than turning it into a struggle with the Spiritual Master we chose to help us with that very purpose.

As Laughing Man Institute Director, James Alwood, puts it:

There is a hidden presumption that if someone feels like they were hurt by a Spiritual Master that that somehow brings into question the Spiritual Master himself or herself.

All throughout history, Spiritual Realizers of every kind have been suppressed, attacked, vilified, and treated basically like *** or social “outsiders”.

Spiritual Realizers disturb egos. That is Their job. That is What They do. Egos do not like to be disturbed.

Egos sometimes fight back viciously, usually reacting to the Spiritual Realizer as if he or she were a “Dad” or a “Mom” that failed to console them, or failed to protect their precious “egos”. Instead of suing the Spiritual Master, take advantage of his or her help and transcend self!


I can share that there are concerns around subornation of perjury potentially committed by Edward Parkes of Harcus Sinclair who has tried threatening me with jail if I do not perjure myself.

As per Wikipedia : Whoever procures another to commit any perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury, and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

The subornation of perjury constitutes an act of "moral turpitude" on the part of the attorney, and thus is cause for his or her disbarment, or for the suspension of his or her license to practice law.[4]

Source Wikipedia

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